Monday, June 15, 2009

The Book

Well, everyone, here it is, my big announcement. An announcement that is being made for a singular purpose: to get me to commit to my goals. So, here are my SMART goals:

1. By August 2009, I will have my book outline and sample chapter ready to submit.

2. By January 2010, I will submit a proposal for my book to at least three publishers (Pearson, Thompson, ASTD Press)

3. By July 2010, (assuming rejections) I will incorporate feedback and resubmit proposals.

Please help hold me accountable to these goals! Thanks.

Bad Training Idea #4

(or, how to thoroughly confuse your participants before you even get to the content.)
"Now we are going to get into groups to work on this activity. Please count off 1,2,3, 4. '1's will be at the back table, '2's at the left table, '3's at the right table, and '4's at the front table. If you have more than 4 people at your table, the person with the earliest birthday has to move clockwise to the next table."

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