Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Contest: Book from Jay Cross

Hey folks. Here's the deal. I would like nothing better than to enlighten, motivate, teach, or otherwise draw a strong reaction from you. But I just don't know what you want to hear (or don't want to hear.) So I propose a contest.

(All the cool blogs are doing it.)

You get Informal Learning by Jay Cross (like new condition - what do you want here, this is a self-funded blog!)

All you have to do is post an idea that you would like to read about on this little blog o' mine. That's it.

It can be anything, but the more specific the better. Here are some high level categories to get you thinking:
  • Succession Planning
  • Twitter
  • Knowledge Management
  • Millenials in the Workforce
  • Coaching
  • Using the news to teach leadership programs (ok that's kind of specific...)
So tell all of your friends!!! My goals are to get idea of what people would like to see, and hopefully get one or two more subscribers.

A top-notch random selection program will select one of the comments (sorry, U.S. addresses only for this contest).


Enter as many times as you have specific ideas for topics. Important: If you don’t see your entry appear immediately, please be patient.

No entries after 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time Tuesday June 30th.

Winners will be announced at the top of this post early Wednesday morning.

Winner will receive one very awesome, and only slightly highlighted copy of Jay Cross' Informal Learning.

I reserve the right to withdraw submissions that are innapropriate.

Enter now!!!

Bad Training Idea #5
(or, the wrong way to introduce social networking)
"We should definitely be using Twitter. Each participant can tweet how the class is going on breaks. The WHOLE COMPANY can view how everyone is feeling ALL THE TIME!"

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